The Benefits of a Remote Starter

Why do I need a remote starter? It seems easy enough just to get in your truck and starting it once you’re there. But remote starters actually have several benefits that you might not have considered.


Now that the weather is starting to get cold, getting in the car and waiting for the heat to turn on can be an inconvenience. With a remote starter, you can start your truck a minute or two before you walk outside, and it will be warm by the time you put it in drive. The same goes for the summer. Vehicles trap Trick Trucksheat in the summer and are often hotter than the air outside. Turn on your truck with a remote starter and let the a/c do its job for a few minutes so you can open the door to a nice, cool truck.

Gas Mileage

You might think that a remote starter wastes gas, because your truck is just sitting there idling. However, a remote starter can actually improve your truck’s mileage, especially in the winter. It’s a good idea to let the engine run for a minute before putting it in drive to get everything lubricated. This is doubly important in the winter, when cold oil becomes thick. A cold start and immediate shift into drive causes the engine to have to work harder and use more gas. A remote starter lets you warm up and thin the oil so that when you put it in gear, the engine doesn’t have to work harder than it’s used to.



Remote Starters in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, & WV

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