What You Need to Know About Power Windows

What You Need to Know About Power Windows

How much do you know about power windows? Whether you drive a car, truck, or something else, here is the lowdown on what you must know about these essential interior accessories.

How much do you know about your power windows? As the weather outside turns colder, nastier, and more unpredictable, you’ll be thankful for fully functional windows on your vehicle. Whether you drive a car, truck, or something else, here is the lowdown on what you must know about these essential interior accessories.

Some Advantages of Power Windows

Most automobiles, no matter what they are, should feature these windows. They are a manufacturer-standard part of your ride. One of the most significant advantages of power windows is that they give you, the driver, more control. If you have recently sustained an injury to your hands, wrists, or arms, or if you have a health condition affecting your manual dexterity, you won’t have to expend as much energy to roll the windows down, either.

Perhaps best of all, these can be easily controlled from a panel situated near the driver’s seat – meaning your children can’t play with the windows while they’re in the backseat and you are otherwise preoccupied.

How They’re Supposed to Work

Your vehicle’s power windows are based on a simple system. A motor guides them up and down, and that motor is connected to what is known as a worm gear. The worm gear works in concert with other smaller gears that provide the necessary force to operate the window.

An arm and a bar are placed at the bottom edge of the window, and this arm moves around as the window does. At the far end of the arm is another gear with notches in it. These notches work with the gear – this is the mechanism that permits the window to open and close as it does.

How to Tell When They Don’t

Like anything else in your car or truck, a power window can suddenly fail. The motors and gears that move the window can break down more easily because of how often they’re used. If you encounter these problems, you need to get them fixed as soon as you can. You never know when your safety might be threatened in an emergency situation, especially one where you and your passengers might have no other choice but to escape through the windows.  

What Else Should You Consider?

Winter weather such as compacted ice and snow can build up on your windows and cause malfunctions, so as winter approaches, keep this factor in mind.

Power Windows and More From Trick Tricks

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