Interior Truck Accessories: A Remote Start System for your Truck

The weather is starting to cool and winter is right around the corner. And no matter how tough you are, no one likes climbing into a cold truck in the middle of winter. Luckily Trick Trucks is here with the answer to your prayers…A Remote Start System!

This interior truck accessory allows you to start your truck from the warmth and comfort of your home. Now, when you climb into your truck in the middle of December, it will already be warm and toasty.

Additional Benefits of Remote Starters

  • Comfort: We already touched in this, but it doesn’t hurt mentioning it again. A remote starter will greatly improve the comfort of your truck, especially in the winter. Similarly in the summer, a remote starter allows you to start your truck and let it cool down before you even step inside.
  • Engine Care: Allowing your truck to warm up before driving it allows the engine oil to become more viscous, providing better lubrication.
  • Safety: In the winter, snow and ice on your windshield can become a serious safety hazard, obstructing your vision. A remote starter allows your truck to warm up before driving, making ice and snow removal and defrosting much easier.
  • Resale Value: A remote start system will add to the overall value of your truck.

Interested in having a Remote Starter installed in your Truck? Head to Trick Trucks!

At Trick Trucks, we offer a wide variety of electronic interior accessories, from navigation systems and alarms systems to flip down monitors, remote starters and more! We can customize your interior to match your vision of what your truck should be.

Whether it is your own personal vehicle, or your work truck, each Trick Trucks location (throughout Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware) will provide factory authorized service for all of your installation needs

If you are interested in purchasing a Remote Starter or one of our many other Interior Truck Accessories, contact Trick Trucks today. We are here for you. If you have any questions, please contact Trick Trucks by calling 1-866-60 TRICK or click here today!

All products can be purchased in our showroom and can be professionally installed at all of our twelve locations. And if you don’t see the brand or product you are looking for, let us know!

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