How Do You Know When to Repair Brake Systems?

How Do You Know When to Repair Brake Systems?

Before your next adventure, you should get your brakes inspected. Here’s how you can know when your brake systems are in need of repairs.

Brake systems are one of the most vital elements of your car. Having a good pair of brakes can spare you a lot of time and money for fixing your car if it’s totaled. Even more importantly, properly tuned and maintained brakes could save your life. You never know what could happen out there on the open road. Before your next adventure, you should get your brakes inspected. Here’s how you can know when your brake systems are in need of repairs.

Strange Noises

One of the first indications something is wrong with your brake systems is when they start emitting strange noises. Weird noise coming from your brakes is the most frequent sign that repairs are in order. The rotors that help maneuver the brakes could have worn down through long periods of use without inspection. You might hear a telltale squeaking or shrieking as metal rubs against metal. Dust can gum up the works, and so can a tired brake sensor. You’ll know it’s time for a change when your brakes scream every time you engage them. Once this happens, get them replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

The Pedals Shake

You might also feel the shaking coming through the floorboards of your car. Do your gas and brake pedals shake extremely violent while the car is in motion? You can feel shaking and other sorts of disruptions just by putting your foot on the pedal for the brake. Deposits can build up, too. These deposits need to be removed to restore normal functionality. Why is getting rid of deposits so important? Because they can tamper with the smooth operation of your brake systems – the quicker your brakes respond, the sooner you can force your car to stop. This aspect of your brakes is particularly crucial in event of an emergency situation where you might have to abruptly stop with little warning. There are other problems from worn down brake systems besides delayed stoppage. Your car, truck, or any other vehicle just won’t handle as well, and that can be dangerous enough in its own right.

Brake Systems are Unresponsive

Brakes depend on the natural phenomenon of friction in order to work correctly. Without enough friction, your truck won’t be able to stop as quickly as you’d like. The term for this is commonly referred to simply as “brake fade”. Maybe the summer heat outside has caused your brake fluid to evaporate? Overheated brakes work less efficiently, as do aging ones.

Visual Signs of Damage

Sometimes, all you need to do is take a look at your brake systems. Can you see any obvious signs of damage? Worn down rotors and brake pads will tell you once you get a good look.

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