Driving Tips for a Rear Wheel Drive Truck in the Snow

Driving Tips for a Rear Wheel Drive Truck in the Snow

If you own a rear wheel drive truck, you are probably already well aware of how poorly these vehicles handle in snowy or icy conditions. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can help improve the performance of your truck.

Driving Tips for a Rear Wheel Drive Truck in the Snow

  1. First and foremost, Add Weight. One of the main reasons a rear wheel drive truck handles so poorly in slick conditions is the lack of weight over the rear wheels. To compensate for this you have several options: sandbags, cinderblocks, or, my personal favorite, fill your truck bed up with snow. The additional weight will aid traction and help you handle better in slippery conditions.
  2. Another option is using Snow Tires, which can help improve traction in snow and ice.
  3. Of course, you will need to Change Your Driving Habits. For starters, drive slower and give yourself more room to stop. When it is time to slow down, brake early and softly to avoid slipping and sliding. Be particularly cautious when approaching turns in the snow. Slow down much earlier than you normally would.
  4. Finally, Practice. Take your rear wheel drive truck to a snow covered parking lot and practice driving in the conditions. The more you know about how your truck handles in the snow, the better you will be able to adapt your driving.

Good Luck!

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