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  • 5 Major Benefits of Bed Covers

    Every truck owner or enthusiast can agree there are few elements that can enhance the already visually appealing look of a truck. One of these elements are bed covers. But this sleek accessory will serve to do so much more… Read More

  • Everything You Need To Know About The 2020 Jeep Gladiator

    By now, you have probably heard the news – the Jeep Gladiator is back and better than ever. Following a thirty-one-year intermission, despite a brief reappearance in 2005, the Jeep Gladiator has made a come-back unlike no-other. Backed by utility… Read More

  • Upgrade Your Truck to Be Family-Friendly

    With every new model year comes new technology and features. However, you do not need to trade-in every twelve months to get the latest and greatest for your family. Consider fixing up your vehicle with these five upgrades to make… Read More

  • Are You Ready for Ocean City Jeep Week?

    If you love Jeeps as much as we do, you don’t want to miss out on Ocean City Jeep Week. With family friendly events, contests, and shows, OC Jeep Week is the experience of a lifetime for Jeep lovers, thrill… Read More

  • Vehicle Customization: Where to Start?

    Many drivers purchase their vehicle because they think it has every feature they want, or close to it. But as time goes on, drivers tend to notice what the car is missing, or the elements they want to change or… Read More

  • Upgrade Your Jeep Just in Time for Jeep Week 2019

    We are almost exactly two months away from one of the biggest automotive events of the summer: the 2019 Ocean City Jeep Week. Trick Trucks is a proud sponsor of the Jeep Jam, an obstacle course where participating vehicles and… Read More

  • What to Look for When You Test Drive A Car

    As a potential car buyer, it is important to note that a thorough test drive is an essential and necessary component of the car buying process. Think of it this way: if you are at the store to buy new… Read More

  • Do I Need Floor Mats For My Vehicle?

    The answer is simple: yes, you need floor mats for your vehicle. It is the same reason you put a shower mat in your bathroom or a doormat in front of your front door. These mats serve to protect your… Read More

  • Your Guide to Choosing the Best Removable Door Options

    With the start of June around the corner, there is one thing all truck owners can agree on: as the weather gets warmer, the doors come off. Most trucks and Jeeps are designed with removable body components to allow for… Read More

  • Four Car Tips to Help Beat the Summer Heat

    With average temperatures reaching over 70°F this week, there is no denying it: summer is here. Did you know that at 70 degrees on a sunny day, the temperature inside a car can reach 104 degrees within a half hour?… Read More