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  • Our Guide To The Perfect Roof Rack

    For many drivers, their vehicle is the means to an adventure. Whether that adventure is simply driving to work every day or as extensive as taking a journey cross-country, the vehicle should fit the needs of the driver, not the… Read More

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Disinfecting A Vehicle

    The best way to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses is by frequently washing your hands and high-touch surfaces. This means regularly cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle. As with any process, there is a right way and a wrong… Read More

  • Guide To Custom Ordering A New Car

    As a devoted Trick Trucks customer, it only makes sense that you are interested in custom ordering a new car. Custom ordering a new car is the perfect solution for any car lover that is not willing to compromise on… Read More

  • Benefits of Custom Van Shelving

    It is always the perfect time to take your vehicle to the next level. If you use a utility vehicle for your business or daily life, chances are you need custom van shelving. A van has an abundance of useable… Read More

  • What To Do When Smoke is Coming From Your Vehicle

    There is definitely no good that can come from a smoking car. The cause of the problem depends on which part of the car the smoke is coming from. Steam from the tailpipe Steam-like vapors coming from the tailpipe is… Read More

  • Different Types of Bed Covers

    Trucks serve a wide variety of utility purposes. The bed of a truck allows drivers to effectively store possessions and transport cargo. Bed covers serves to protect these belongings during travel, from damages and prying eyes. Choosing a type of… Read More

  • Spring Car Maintenance Tips

    Winter is winding down and spring is almost sprung – which means it is time to check in with your vehicle. The cold weather and icy conditions have most likely taken a toll on your vehicle, so it is the… Read More

  • How Do I Change A Flat Tire?

    There is never a good time for a flat tire, which means knowing how to change a tire will always come in handy. Flat tires can prove dangerous to both passengers and the vehicle itself. The lack of air pressure… Read More

  • Signs of Power Steering Problem

    Since the early 1950s, power steering has become the standard for most makes and models. Before power steering was invented, drivers had to put a lot more effort into turning the wheel in order to steer their vehicle. The major… Read More

  • 3 Dangerous Auto Care Hacks to Avoid This Winter

    As the winter season marches along, Trick Trucks has seen a surge of cold weather tips and hacks being passed around social media. These hacks may seem life-saving during desperate times, but it is best to always use extra caution… Read More