Backup Camera Installation at Trick Trucks in Maryland, Virginia & More

You love your truck. And you should. Your truck is great. It is great for hauling everything from dirt and gravel to furniture and so much more. Your truck is big, durable, and designed to handle anything and everything you can throw at it. Unfortunately, your truck is not made for easy maneuverability. This is never more obvious than when you try to back up your mammoth truck in a small parking lot, especially when your truck bed is full. This creates massive blind spots.

“How close am I to the car behind me?”

“Do I have room to keep backing up?”

“Was that a kid that just ran behind my truck?”

Fortunately, there is a solution to your maneuverability problem: a Backup Camera. When used along with the rear view and side view mirrors, a backup camera allows you to back out of even the tightest spot with ease. Additional benefits include:

  1. Backup cameras allow you to see everything behind you, from trash cans to children.
  2. A backup camera can help you avoid those unsightly dings and dents on your tailgate and bumper.
  3. Backup cameras make driving easy.

Backup Camera Installation at Trick Trucks

Interested in having a backup camera installed on your truck? If so, head to the Trick Trucks nearest you, conveniently located throughout Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware. We offer full service installation of all of our interior truck accessories, including Backup Cameras. All of our work is guaranteed and all factory warrantees apply.

If you are interested in Backup Camera Installation, or if you are interested in purchasing one of our many Interior Truck Accessories, please contact Trick Trucks today by calling 1-866-60 TRICK or click here today! You can also check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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