8 Truck Accessories to Prepare for Winter

December 1st, 2016
truck accessories

Make sure your truck is outfitted to handle the harshest winter weather.

Winter is coming! If you haven’t already, now is the time to start preparing your truck for harsh winter weather. Or maybe you’re on the lookout for a nice gift to give your truck loving loved ones? To get the most out of your truck this holiday season, consider adding these important truck accessories to your Christmas list. Read the rest of this entry »

A Guide to Maryland Tinting Regulations

November 16th, 2016
black truck with tinted side windows

Does your vehicle follow Maryland tinting regulations?

Are you in the market for tinted windows? While there are a number of practical advantages to tinted windows, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is following the proper rules and regulations for the state of Maryland. All post manufacture window tint film on motor vehicles registered in the state are regulated by Maryland State Law. Most regulated glass on vehicles allows for 70-75 percent of light. In order to meet the typical State requirement of 35 percent light transmittance, you will need to apply 50 percent post manufacture window tint film. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Considerations When Buying a Snowplow

November 10th, 2016

Is your truck ready for winter weather?

As it continues to get colder out this fall, it’s time to start making preparations for winter weather. Maybe you’re thinking of making some money off this year’s big winter storms or simply want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to clearing the snow from your driveway. Either way, buying a new snowplow requires a number of key considerations.
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Tips for Driving with a Trailer

November 2nd, 2016
Trailer Hitch Installation

Having the right hitch is essential when it comes to driving with a trailer.

Are you planning a road trip this fall and are going to be towing a trailer? Driving with a trailer swaying from side to side can feel spooky and, in fact, unsafe. It’s always a good idea to review some common safety practices for driving a truck or car with a trailer towed. Even the small details matter a lot when it comes to the stability of your rig. Here are a few simple guidelines to help drive with a trailer. Read the rest of this entry »

Get Rid of Your Dealer’s License Plate Frame Already

October 26th, 2016
license plate frame

Don’t let a dealer slap an advertisement for their business on YOUR new car!

You just went through the excruciating two hour experience of dealing with a car salesman as he tries to sell you on just about every warranty, window and tire package under the sun. You’ve finally closed the deal, and the dealer slaps a license plate frame advertising their business on YOUR new car! Read the rest of this entry »

6 Awesome Trucking Accessories You Shouldn’t Go Without

October 19th, 2016
trucking accessories

Make sure your truck is outfitted with the right accessories for the job.

The right trucking accessories can transform your pickup truck into an incredibly multi-purpose vehicle. Even low-cost add ons can add a ton of value and expand on what you can accomplish with your truck. If you use your pickup for any kind of specialized work, you’re going to need accessories to match the job. Here are a few trucking accessories you should consider to get the most out of your truck. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for Dealing with Car Salesmen

October 12th, 2016
car salesmen

Car salesmen don’t have to be intimidating or frustrating to deal with.

Are you gearing up to buy a new vehicle this holiday season? You might already be dreading the process of dealing with a car salesman. That said, most car salesmen are not the sleazy guys you see portrayed on TV that will do anything to get a payout. If you know what to expect and how to deal with a salesperson, the car buying process can be much less intimidating than you might expect. Here are a few tips to consider. Read the rest of this entry »

Start off Hunting Season with these Hunting Accessories for Your Truck

October 10th, 2016
hunting accessories

Is your truck ready for hunting season?

When it comes time to prepare for hunting season you don’t want to leave your truck out of the fun. Even the smallest details should not be overlooked. There are numerous practical and enjoyable accessories every hunter should consider to have a successful season. Read on for inspiration so you can make sure you have all the best hunting accessories.   Read the rest of this entry »

Dealing with a Dead Battery

September 28th, 2016
dead battery

Jumper cables are something every truck owner should own in case of a dead battery.

A dead battery is everyone’s worst nightmare. If it hasn’t happened to you already, it probably will eventually, and you’ll want to be prepared when it does. Car batteries weaken or fail for any number of reasons, but most often because you’ve left your headlights, interior lights, blinkers, or radio on while the car isn’t running. They can also fail if you leave the air conditioning on when you’re not driving, or when you’ve simply neglected proper battery maintenance. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place for dealing with a dead battery.
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The Importance of Tire Pressure

September 21st, 2016
tire pressure

Correct tire pressure is important for handling and fuel economy.

It’s unfortunate that many drivers overlook the need to care one of the most important components of their vehicle: the tires! Correct tire pressure is a critical part of driving safely. The wrong tire pressure can impact your truck’s handling, braking, fuel economy, and comfort while driving. It can also reduce the lifespan of your tires. Each manufacturer recommends a certain tire pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Read the rest of this entry »